An Owl for John

This video demonstrates the many fine details that go into the making of one of my large sculpture pieces. Over the course of a year I worked at fabricating this horned Owl and creating the video to go along with it.

Metal Sculptures

Working for my fathers welding shop I had access to a lot of scrap metal and off cut materials. This is where I first learned welding techniques and later began to create artwork with the scrap materials. I enjoy taking materials that are destined for a junk yard and turning them into one of a kind art pieces.

I am often inspired by wildlife when growing my ideas for sculptures, they influence me to incorporate interesting pieces of found metal to achieve the aesthetic look that I am hoping to achieve. By carefully heat-treating the steel, I am able to create a spectrum of colour creating a unique effect as the metal reflects the natural lighting.

Horned Owl Metal Sculpturein Progression
Wall Pieces

For years I have developed landscape wall pieces to try and demonstrate some of the breath taking scenery of this country using metal as my medium.

I carefully work with an Angle Grinder, Plasma Cutter and Oxy-Acetylene torches. Using this process, I can create a unique range of colours that play off light and reflections to give the pieces life and movement.


Working with local artisans I have been involved with several collaborations creating high end furniture pieces celebrating the incredible and diverse species of trees of the west coast.

In my spare time you can find me in my workshop, creating more pieces with inventive and unique metal framework as the foundation for beautifully finished wood tops.

Wood Finishing
State of the Art Joe Sauve Metal Works

State of the Art

Whistler, BC Canada

In 2016 I was a part of the State of the Art show for the Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival. It was my first opportunity to demonstrate my work. It is one of the best events around to showcase local artists and I look forward to being apart of it again.