Joseph Sauve´


About Me

Growing up, I spent my time on the waters of the Georgian Bay in Ontario Canada, where I learned and was influenced by the welding trade in my fathers metal fabrication shop. Working with metal became second nature to me here and my experience is endless collaborating both on large industrial projects and small custom pieces.

Working for my fathers welding shop I had access to a lot of scrap metal and off cut materials. This is where I first learned welding techniques and later began to create artwork with the scrap materials. I enjoy taking materials that are destined for a junk yard and turning them into one of a kind art pieces.

I made my move to the West Coast 12 years ago to surround myself with rugged and wild mountainous coastlines. It is here where I now meticulously handcraft contemporary, metal sculpted artwork and furniture from my studio in Pemberton, BC.

Art and Furniture

For years I have crafted unique art and furniture wall pieces using metal as my medium… READ ON HERE

Welding Services

I offer a Mobile Welding Service and weld out of my shop in the Pemberton industrial park… READ ON HERE